Carrying excess weight is common, affecting nearly 75% of adults in the United States. At Align Body & Wellness we offer a medical weight loss program to help you reach your goal weight and maintain it for life. Call the office to book an appointment or use the online scheduler today to learn more about the medical weight loss services available.

Weight loss is a struggle for many people and aging can create more challenges making it harder to lose weight due to low energy, fatigue, work out intolerance and more. ABW has several options to help you lose weight through a comprehensive weight loss plan designed specifically for you. Our goal is to help you succeed with your weight goals using specific peptides and peptide like medical assistance that will help you burn fat, decrease caloric intake with excellent appetite suppression. These proven methods make losing weight easy. Our goal it to help patrons of all income sources an opportunity to lose weight which can decrease comorbidities that are associated with carrying extra weight.

What is medical weight loss?

Weight loss with Align Body & Wellness includes medical supervision, healthy meal plans, dietary supplements, medications, or hormone therapy to help you achieve ideal body weight. With the support of medical experts, your chance of weight loss success significantly increases.

Is medical weight loss effective?

If you are carrying excess weight, medical weight loss with Align Body & Wellness provides numerous health and wellness benefits, including:

  • Lower risk of chronic diseases
  • Improved mental health
  • Increased energy
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Higher likelihood of long-term success
  • Medical weight loss supervision

Your provider monitors your health before, during, and after your weight loss journey to reduce the risk of complications.

What can I expect during medical weight loss visits?

During your first medical weight loss visit at Align Body & Wellness, your provider weighs you and checks your blood pressure, pulse, and other vital signs. They review your medical history and your family’s medical history and ask about medications you take or symptoms you may have.

Your provider completes a physical examination and may recommend you undergo blood or other diagnostic tests. Other diagnostic tests can detect or rule out underlying problems that may affect your weight loss, like thyroid disorders and hormone imbalance.

Align Body & Wellness personalizes a weight loss plan based on your initial body weight, goal weight, health, and lifestyle. You might:

  • Follow a meal plan
  • Use an exercise plan
  • Keep a food journal
  • Take appetite-suppressing medications
  • Try hormone therapy
  • Undergo nutrition counseling
  • Maintain proper management of chronic disease

Medical experts answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way. They will spend as much time with you as necessary to help you succeed.

When should I schedule weight loss appointments?

Depending on your needs and availability, you might attend weight loss appointments weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Align Body & Wellness also offers telehealth visits so that you can discuss weight loss progress with your provider from the comfort of your home.

They can adjust your weight loss plan to ensure a successful outcome. Regular weight loss visits can help you maintain your ideal weight indefinitely and provide other health benefits.

Don’t settle for carrying excess weight when your health is at stake. Call Align Body & Wellness to schedule an appointment or book one online today.